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High quality carbon products are important and essential components in various industrial fields. With the gradual improvement of individual production processes are also increasing demands on the materials used, as well as on auxiliary and operating materials.

The company METALIMEX a. s. – based in Prague, Czech Republic, aims its production of coke (OKK – based in Ostrava, Czech Republic) and pulverized coal (Coal Mill – based in Dětmarovice, Czech Republic) on high quality coal, the specifications of which are directed at the individual needs of customers and consumers. For the purpose of understanding and the implementation of these customer requirements, METALIMEX relies on direct and immediate form of sale.

Under this concept of sale, the company METALIMEX Deutschland GmbH is responsible for the sale of coke and pulverized coal products from the production of METALIMEX Group to Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

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Our production, SVOBODA Coke Plant in Ostrava in the Czech Republic, is certified according to ISO EN 14001: 2005.

More than 80 percent of our coke products are dispatched by rail. Thanks to our container concept for foundry coke, in the past three years it was possible to move from road to rail around 140,000 tons per year. Trucks carry only the "last mile" from the container terminal to the customer. Annually we prevent about 4.5 million of kilometres driven on the European roads and thus we consistently contribute to reduction of harmful emissions, to the use of renewable energies and to reduction of the steadily growing traffic density.

Company Profile

The company METALIMEX Deutschland GmbH was established on 12 July 2016 by the business partners METALIMEX a. s., based in Prague and KSK Handels GmbH, based in Duisburg.

Company shares: METALIMEX a. s., based in Prague (51%): http://www.metalimex.cz/en
KKSK Handels GmbH, based in Duisburg (49%): http://www.ksk-handel.de

VAT ID No. DE815641108
Tax No. 13457020848
Registered in Duisburg under HR B 28677

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Frank Holz

+ 49 (0) 173 352 3568


Sascha Schnell

+ 49 (0) 174 207 8490


Pavel Klein

+420 602 286 549


T: +49 2065 904 92-0
F: +49 2065 904 92-15

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METALIMEX Deutschland GmbH
Dr.-Alfred-Herrhausen-Allee 16, D-47228 Duisburg

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